Enabling the energy industry to achieve highly compliant, consistent levels of service delivery

Mobaro Energy can help your inspection and maintenance teams achieve industry leading levels of service quality, while working safer and smarter.   Significant improvements in both effectiveness and efficiency are realised  by digitalizing their safety and maintenance checks. This new approach combines evaluation, creation and implementation of new real-time intelligent checklists.

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By implementing the Mobaro Energy solution in across your business and field service teams, a new granularity in the awareness and reporting, for HSE compliance, task adherence, issue resolve rates, and task assignments, will be realised. Significant efficiency improvements will also be enabled from an improved two-way system of communication. Let the Mobaro solution optimise your service operations and see these benefits:

  • Full access and control of your data 24/7.
  • Data security ensured with highest possible system and operating protocol
  • Ensure inspection and maintenance checks are completed as intended
  • Take away the uncertainty of various stakeholders about resource efficiency
  • Increase the focus of field service staff by provision of step by step guidance
  • Benefit from unparalleled access to performance and compliance data for in-depth analysis
  • Tasks can be assigned to other teams or team members as a logical outcome of a checklist
  • Enable Contractor, sub-contractor, OEM, Operator data transparency
  • Software as a Service means their payments cover entire service , with no extra or hidden costs
  • Digital checklists can be attached to specific assets, locations, teams or team members
  • Simple approach to building existing procedures and tasks using user driven logic & trigger console
  • Reduce the operating costs of your field sales teams through focused task execution, automated guidance and task assignment
  • Real-time updates sent to management dashboards across entire supply chain depending on role responsibility and access rights
  • Ability to include a comprehensive library of documentation to support checklists e.g. HSE manuals can be opened at a required section
  • Benefit from real-time two-way communications (field service team – operations management or third party), with a timed issue resolution option

To sum up the Mobaro Energy system will help your field service team reach:
  • A highly secure, fully accessible, and user controlled I&M/RO software solution
  • A highly efficient use of resources with significant time savings on previous programmes
  • Significant focus on procedure completion and proof of compliance
  • Optimised process flow for Inspection and Maintenance activities
  • Transparency across selected teams across entire supply chain
  • Real-time two-way communication between field service team and support functions for rapid issue resolution
  • A tried and tested solution that that will improve your field service team safety and overall operational efficiency
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What does the industry have to say?

“Well suited as a maintenance tool for a wind farm operator, a great benefit to wind turbine maintenance providers, but also owner/operators who have recently began to service and troubleshoot their WTGs recently as a way of reducing O&M cost”

Graeme Wilson
Everoze Consultant



“Very good system with the opportunity to link specific tasks particularly within a service environment to H&S documents, also to combine technical checks and H&S checks. Useful where there are technicians remotely located overseas or in UK. There is a market within Energy particularly within Field Service Technicians”

Ken Anderson