Feature update: New degrees of power

It’s that special time of year again. Side by side with hectic workloads, buying presents and juggling children’s expectation – the holiday season is all about the food. And what better way to enjoy holidays than with great meals? Unfortunately, Christmas is also a high season for food-poisoning at all the buffets and social gatherings. 



Mobaro system update: Someone broke the mold

The new update isn’t ‘just’ about adding features. Now our users get a new way of performing checks and tasks across platforms. It’s a radical change in one central principle of Mobaro.

Better overview with new widgets and redesign

Another system update has been rolled out. This time the Mobaro development team has been focusing on new features and adjustments for the web administration. 

If online is devastating physical retail, physical retail should operate more like online

While online is eating away at how you used to know retail, a countermovement is happening. The consumer doesn’t see it. And the question is not ‘Should you join?’. The question is ‘When should you join?’

Why Area Managers care about this new reporting feature

One of the central aspects of an Area Manager’s job is the overview of operations across several stores. How well are campaigns, daily readiness, and brand appearance being executed?

Digital ROI: Retailers are looking at outstanding benefits

When forecasting the benefits for some of the biggest British retailers, the results speak for themselves. There are great financial gains in upgrading the means with which you run compliance checks across a large number of units. Already, Pizza Hut Restaurants are living proof that digitizing area management checks comes with massive savings. On top of that, the advantages of benchmarking insights open enumerable doors to nurturing a healthy and peak-performing business.


Want more efficient retail operations?

At Mobaro we offer the software and insight your retail chain needs to manage and follow up on brand, promotions, and health & safety compliance programs.

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