Digital ROI: Retailers are looking at outstanding benefits

When forecasting the benefits for some of the biggest British retailers, the results speak for themselves. There are great financial gains in upgrading the means with which you run compliance checks across a large number of units. Already, Pizza Hut Restaurants are living proof that digitizing area management checks comes with massive savings. On top of that, the advantages of benchmarking insights open enumerable doors to nurturing a healthy and peak-performing business.


Great Customer Experience: What Does It Take?

WHITEPAPER: An in-depth account of challenges for the UK retailers today and 4 valuable recommendations for improving operations and customer experience. 


Leading managers by managing leaders

A thought-provoking Harvard piece breaks down why middle managers are the unhappiest part of the workforce – and ultimately points to refined leadership for mending the mood.

Easily create assignments from images

One of the great things about Mobaro is the media feature. Being able to attach photos is a core aspect of our solution. Recently we connected it to the assignment feature. It offers big advantages to store and districts managers alike. 

3 reasons why this feature can make a big difference in retail

How do you make sure that all the stores know what to do and how to do it? Our developers are constantly working to optimise the tools that will make this process easier.

Long-term customer loyalty depends on trust, but how (well) do you build trust?

In a new Retail Bulletin article, Clare Bailey paints a concise picture of challenges directly connected to winning the hearts and minds of customers, including a dedicated focus on the topic of employee engagement. On your way through, you will be offered valuable, hands-on takeaways for supporting consistent customer experiences across your retail chain.

Want more efficient retail operations?

At Mobaro we offer the software and insight your retail chain needs to manage and follow up on brand, promotions, and health & safety compliance programs.

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